Occupational  Therapy

Our facility is equipped with all the required equipment to provide the “JUST RIGHT CHALLENGE” for the children to reach their optimum functional performance.

At SCOPE, Occupational Therapy Intervention/ treatment is delivered in blocks of 6, once/week or fortnightly, with a review at the end of each block.

Parents are strongly urged to stay during the therapy session to observe how therapeutic techniques are administered/used to meet the child’s specific needs. Feedback will be provided after each therapy session to update you on any changes that may be required in the home or school environment.


Where requested, our therapist is available to visit schools to provide training and support to SNA’s and teachers.

Each set of recommendations and intervention plan is based on the individual needs of the  child in the following areas: Gross motor, Fine motor skills, Sensory Processing, Handwriting, Visual perceptual, motor planning and coordination (praxis),  Play and Social integration skills.