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How does “SCOPE” Occupational Therapy services help?


SCOPE is derived from the "Special Children Occupational Performance Empowerment". It is a private practice , which provide Occupational Therapy services for children and adolescent from 0-18 years. Our expert Occupational therapist  is trained in catering individuals with  developmental delays in terms of gross motor, fine motor, self-care skills, handwriting difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, cognitive functions – Visual perceptual difficulties, Attention difficulties, motor planning ( praxis) difficulties, feeding and drooling issues.




Special Education Teacher

"It was such a privilege to have received the guidance and support of Mohan in my personal and professional development. Mohan is touching lives all over the world...he is such an inspiration as I strive to support my students in Trinidad and Tobago to the fullest...his love and commitment for the children and families he serves goes far beyond expectations"

Parent of 5 yr old, ASD

I have a different child with the help of therapist at SCOPE. When we met Mohan 2 years ago, my son was so detached, had very little interests, was so clumsy he fell over all the time, and was extremely violent. But now he is engaged wants to play and actually approaches me with activities to do, and is a much happier child"

Parent of 6 yr old, ASD

I couldn't recommend Mohan enough . The service you receive is next level. My son has been with Mohan for the past year and Mohan had honestly changed my son's life for the better.
Mohan really cares about the kids he works with and goes above and beyond unlike any other OT we have ever dealt with."

Parent of 8 yr old, ASD

My son has overcome so many issues thanks to Mohan in SCOPE OT. Before he would only wear one type of clothing texture and shoes now he will wear all different types. He couldn't jump, run, or kick a ball but now he can. Loud noises and crowds were difficult for him but now he can tolerate them. His social skills with other kids has improved so much too. His attention to task when he is working on his fine motor skills is excellent now too. I can highly recommend SCOPE OT!