Nursing Home and Elderly Care:


We offer Occupational Therapy visits to nursing homes to improve independence in self-help skills, reduce the risk of injury , maximizing the potential of elderly population while in nursing home environment. The following services are offered during nursing home visits-

  1. Initial OT assessment to identify needs for clients in terms of transfers, assistive and adaptive aids and appliances, which assist for transfers and mobility (rollators, walkers etc)

  2. Functional ability assessments to identify needs specific areas of feeding, dressing, grooming, toileting and showering. Provision of assistive and adaptive aids to overcome the difficulties confronted by the individual.

  3. Advance seating assessments for specialised seating needs like specialised wheelchairs/ comfort chairs based on individual’s medical cards to HSE for funding (depending upon the HSE area)

  4. Cognitive assessments (like Mini Mental State Examination- MMSE and Montreal Cognitive Assessment-MOCA ). This will assist residents in the nursing homes to group them into specialised activity programs, which will be beneficial for their needs.

  5. Advice on setting up of SENSORY ROOMS in nursing home and advice/ training to staff for effective use of snoezelin room.

  6. Environmental assessments/adaptations for existing nursing home settings.

  7. Provision of Manual and People Handling training for all staffs in nursing home setting