Occupational Therapy Assessment

SCOPE offers individualized assessments with reports for children ages 0-16 years, to identify individual, specific intervention plans. A range of assessment measures and tools are available to identify strengths and specific needs in the areas of gross and fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing difficulties, attention/concentration and regulation skills, play skills, social skills, and independence in self-care/ functional activities.

OT Initial screening assessment and report

Entails parents/teachers interview and non-standardized assessment tools to identify the needs (usually 2-3 clinic visits).

Full OT Assessment and report

Includes use of standardized assessment tools such as Movement ABC, PDMS-II, Berry VMI, Sensory Profile, Sensory Processing Measure etc and non standardized assessment tools. A detailed report and parent feedback session are included.

Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT) assessment

This  is GOLD STANDARD assessment containing 17 subtests entails a detailed report regarding a child’s sensory integration (sensation and praxis, and how they relate to function within everyday settings).

Handwriting assessment and report

Entails detailed assessment on child’s motor planning, fine motor and visual perceptual skills, which impacts functional performance. Recommendations are offered in report, and discussed during the parent feedback session.

ESDM (Early Start Denver Model).

Evidence-based assessment tool used to assess all critical early learning domains, and inform intervention planning for children diagnosed with AUTISM ( 12-48 months)

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